news media.

Today in my Mass Media class we were discussing the history of journalism and as much as I hate history I really enjoyed the lecture and the conversations that followed. My professor mentioned that recently the number of people that take time out of their day daily to read news articles or watch the news on television has diminished greatly. This topic was followed closely by the discussion against the American “24 hour news cycle” in that it increased the amount of violations against the journalism codes of principles and ethics. As interesting as that claim seemed to be a peer pointed out something I hadn’t thought about before, “which came first: the decline in paying attention to news media or the walking away from the ethics and principles of journalism?” 

The question really got me thinking. When the idea of creating a code of ethics and principles of journalism surfaced the general public was thrilled, or at least that’s what my professor said. They fully, or at least the majority of them, supported the placement of boundaries on the news that was being presented to them. And honestly who wouldn’t be? It, ideally, meant the people would need to worry about reading lies or articles filled with biases anymore; they could enjoy nonobjective news reports. Assuming all of this is true it implies that we, as Americans, want the truth. 

When comparing the two claims to one another, I realized that it made sense that the 24 hour news cycle came first. Since American’s wanted the truth and the cycle decreased the amount of truth then we decided to go else where for our information. So that was my answer, the news media’s efforts to gain more attention actually forced their audiences else where, in their effort to the find the truth. 

BUT then I realized that this was all based on idealities. Ideally the codes of ethics and principles ridded news reports of objective claims, lies, etc but of course that was not the case. Ideally Americans want the truth and not just something to entertain themselves with but that of course is not the case. So I’m back to the question, are ethics important enough to Americans that the creation of the 24 hour news cycle would force them to walk away?




life…what exactly does that mean? what does it mean to have life and to live it to the fullest? I have this idea of what it’s supposed to be, enjoy everyday, love God with all your heart, and do what you love. But how does that fit into how life actually goes. We all need to be able to support ourselves and make a living and the things we have passions for don’t always line up with the piratic. My life for example, I have a passion to travel, meet new people and love them like Jesus loves us but how is that practical? I can’t really pay to travel with love, so how do I pursue the things I love but still be practical? How am I supposed to know that these passions are even something I should be pursuing? I know God gave them to me but I can’t seem to find the bridge of passion and practical. 




friend. a 6 letter word with about a thousand different definitions. Each person understand what it means a little differently. For some it means spending every moment with one another, sharing every secret they have. For others it means hanging out, playing video games or taking a hike through the woods with very little verbal communication. Then there are some that visualize friendship as somewhere in-between so which one is right? do we have to share our secrets or favorite activities to consider ourselves friends with someone else? or is it something else the defines us as friends? What makes you a friend? And when you’re apart and don’t talk does that mean there’s not much depth to the friendship or is that just a different type of friendship? Who defines such a powerful word? we, as humans, depend on interpersonal relationships to function but I’m not sure anyone know exactly what we mean when we said, friend. 




what have you said or done today that has brought glory to God? have you loved someone that’s difficult to love? have you helped someone you don’t know? have you ben slow to anger? had one ve you cared even though you’re having a crappy day? have you shared the joy you have from the God that died for you? have you smiled at a stranger? did you even spend time with Jesus today? or were ya feelin a little lazy and decided to sleep in just reminding yourself you have the whole day ahead of you? because that’s exactly what i did this morning…i slept in until the very last possible minute giving myself just enough time to shower and get dressed; talk about selfish. so i’m here to challenge myself just as much as i’m challenging you: what have you said or done today that has brought glory to God?